Week 34: Sometimes bad ideas lead us to good ones.


this week was just great!

I’m not quite sure how to explain how this week went… it wasn’t slow but sadly our numbers were pretty shabby. I do think, however, that we were able to set up a really good week for this week through our efforts of finding.

Here’s a rundown on the week:

I would say the best day of finding this week was on Tuesday. I actually woke up really sick but I didn’t want to just stay inside so we went out and did finding. Meanwhile, Elder Williams the zone leader, and Elder Greaves (a new missionary) are on exchange and after a quick discussion we decided that E. Williams and E. Hellander would play basketball with some college students and E. Greaves and I would go out and find for the night. We had planned to contact people for 2 hours, and then come home for a little language study and then dinner. But it ended up that we just stayed out finding right until 9 pm. We were able to have tons of awesome conversations and get 7 phone numbers, so that we can set out appointments for this week! I’m not sure why it was so awesome but one thought I did have was that E. Greaves and I just seemed to have no fear at all. Even if someone said they didn’t have interest, we still just tried to go for an appointment and then if that didn’t work we would get their numbers and I really think that the Lord saw that we were really doing everything we could (being bold and not backing down so easily) so He stepped in and softened the hearts of the people!

This week a lot of our appointments fell through and we had trouble getting a hold of our investigators but like I said, we were able to set up a good week during weekly planning and I really think big things are ahead. I have been putting all my trust in the Lord, and we as a companionship have been putting our trust in the Lord as we plan. whenever we have finding time we plan where we can find certain people and who exactly we want to find in the time that we have planned.

On Sunday ‘The Piano Guys’ came and gave a fireside to a ton of the missionaries because they had a concert here in Hamburg. It was just so awesome! First funny thing was that I said I would lead the first hymn because it was 4/4 and that was fine but then at the very end we sang, ‘I Stand All Amazed’ and i wasn’t quite sure how to lead it and to make it worse John Schmidt was playing the piano and Stephen Sharp Nelson was just playing heavenly cello like 2 feet behind me and it made it so hard to focus and they didn’t just go on and play… they really followed my leading haha it was nuts but it went well. it was a really cool experience for sure!

During the fireside I learned a lot. The Spirit was really there helping me apply the things that were said. One of the things that was said that stuck out to me was that ”the Lord really works with us when we have nothing left” and that ”a lot of the times our bad ideas lead us to the good ideas.” That really is so true. the Lord wants us to learn and do all that we can, but he will always be there leading us and helping us even if it is just being patient with us while we have a bad idea so that we can get to a better one… if that makes any sense.

Once again, I’m pretty sure no one will be able to understand my scatter brained emails, but know that I love you all very very much!

Have the best week!

Elder Gallacher


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