Week 33: Enjoy your personal prayers


Hope all is well! Here is the rundown:
Monday we didn’t do much because Elder Hellander wanted to make a tie, so what I memorized some scriptures so that was cool! For FHE we went to the Abalos who are a family from Africa and we just talked about family and then sang hymns for like 30 minutes! It was one of the coolest things ever because they chose these random hymns, but the lyrics were so good and they got so into it! It was awesome!
On Tuesday we had tons of finding and we met a cool girl form Lithuania so that was nice!
On Wednesday we had zone training meeting and it was really good. We were asked to be in a little play that was done and it was actually a lot of fun!
Thursday was awesome! We had some lessons and we had some busy work, and then we had about 2 hours to find at the end of the day and it was so great! We had tons of good conversations and we gave away 4 Books of Mormon and it was just wonderful!
Friday the same thing happened where we only had a little bit of time but the finding that we did went so well and the people just seemed really open to talking with us!
Saturday I got called by the Bishop at about 8 pm and he asked me to give a talk because a speaker fell through, but that night I had no time to prepare because we had an appointment. Then Sunday morning I had no time because I had to prepare a lesson and talk to a member and stuff like that but I did have some ideas. Anyway, I got up there and just bore a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon because you can never go wrong with that! And then I shared some scriptures and talked about the importance of sharing the Book of Mormon and stuff like that. I was able to talk for about 10 minutes so it went pretty well! Sadly that night I got sick and this morning I woke up with a terrible cold… hopefully it will go away soon because I got work to do!!!!
I’m really having the best time here. We are working so hard and it feels great!
I have been really working on coming closer to the Spirit and building my relationship with God. As I keep moving forward trying my hardest to do all that He wants me to do, I can feel Him coming closer to me. My personal prayers have become more and more special to me. I think it is amazing that I have the opportunity so often to communicate with God- in such a personal way. And that I can call him Father. I love to counsel with Heavenly Father. I love to come close to Him and that is where I believe that I will receive the strength to do all that is asked of me. God is there for all of us. I know that when we come to Him, He will come to us. Enjoy your personal prayers everyone!
I love you all very very much and hope all is well!!
Elder Gallacher
DSC01380 DSC01383

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