Week 31: A lot of little things this week


Well this week started out pretty sad… we went to the church early on Tuesday morning to prepare for Andrea and we waited and waited and waited. She never came and up to now we still can’t find her. It was a very sad experience, but you know we just gotta keep on pressing forward!
The next day I had to go to the doctors because my neck has been hurting for the past 5 months and it has gotten pretty bad and the doctor just set up another appointment for this week, and I will be getting an MRI and an x-ray so I will let you know how that goes! Anyway, that day I got a call from Bruder Brunner and he invited us to go to ‘jim block’ and get a burger! So that night we met him over by Rathaus and had a fantastic dinner and it was really fun to catch up on all the things happening in Mondsee!
The next day we had a really awesome appointment with a young family in the ward named familie Glorius. We taught them about faith in Christ and daily work on building our foundation on Him and it was really good! After we had crepes, and I played with their 3 year old named Jona. He reminds me a ton of Hudson! He would run around and then fall and he would not get back up unless I pulled him up by his hands! haha And then we looked at his animal book and I learned a bunch of animal names in German from him haha it was just great!
Oh BTW I didn’t get transferred! I guess President was just pulling my leg or the situation got taken care of so I am staying here! I’m quite happy about it too!
Oh boy, we also met with Emmanuel again and it went really well and even though there is a language barrier I think he really understands the first lesson now, thanks to the Spirit haha!
Well this next week should be better and I will try my hardest to write a better email. Sometimes I feel like I just can’t remember anything that happened, but I will try harder!
I love you all. I love hearing about the missionary work that you do! Keep it up.
Elder Gallacher
My comp, Me, and Bruder Brunner

My comp, Me, and Bruder Brunner

Me and Bruder Brunner

Me and Bruder Brunner


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