Week 30: Opa and his 100th Birthday + a miracle!


This week was quite good!

On Monday we got a call from a referral who we had given a book of mormon to, and he said that his wife was actually a member and that she wanted a blessing because she misses her kids. So we went on over and come to find out- she is from Peru and had to leave her three kids there until they could find a new apartment that would fit all of them. Long story short, she is awesome and her husband actually wants to hear more about the church so that was just awesome!

In the middle of the week we did a lot of finding and not much happened, but then we had interviews with our Mission President and they were great! Now I have to back track a little so that this next part makes more sense… about a week ago Elder Schouten (one of the zone leaders that I live with) got a call from President.  After, the call he said ”no matter what happens, I love you” so I asked him what the deal was and he told me that President was thinking about blitzing me ( emergency transfer) so that I could finish the training of an Elder whose trainer was not really doing well. So the next two day I was on edge but then Elder Schouten told me that I was probably in the clear. Then at interviews president told me that at the end of this transfer I will be leaving Hamburg and finishing training for a new Elder! Pretty crazy right? It’s not 100 % but I’d say it’s around 98% sure that I will be leaving next week. I’m pretty sad to be leaving because I really like hamburg but it should be a really cool experience!

The rest of the interview was good too. I asked him if I could skype Grandpa for his 100th birthday in January and he said, “of course!” and then when I told him that he served in this mission he freaked out and wants Grandpa to write a letter about what his mission was like, advice, things to do, etc. Then President will send it to the entire mission and then he also wants to have every single missionary send grandpa a ‘happy birthday email’ on his birthday! so that should all be really cool and if you could tell Opa about it that would be great!

So now for a crazy miracle! Today we were heading to go to the Bahnhof where all the shopping is but I wanted to stop at the church because I had left my jacket there. We got of the bus and saw this lady looking at the church plaque, and we asked if we could help her with anything and she straight up asked if she could be baptized!! We both were like,  ‘well yeah of course’ and then she asked what she needs to do and we said, ‘well we are missionaries and the reason we are here is to help people come to Christ and be baptized!’ Anyway, we set up an appointment for tomorrow morning and we are just really really excited about it! Her name is Andrea and she is great!

The Lord really does answer prayers! I also pray and tell the Lord that my companion and I are ready and prepared to receive His prepared children and what do you know he sends Andrea right to us!! it was a really really cool experience!

Well I love you all very much and hope that all is well!

Have a great week.

Elder Gallacher

Me in Hamburg

Me in Hamburg

Channeling my Opa in this picture

Channeling my Opa in this picture

An up close and personal concert on the Saxophone just for the Elders

An up close and personal concert on the Saxophone just for the Elders

Hamburg at dusk

Hamburg at dusk


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