Week 28: Conference weekend


Well this week was great of course!
This letter may not be too awesome because my memory is failing me, so forgive me please (haha).
The week consisted of finding… in all honesty no one wanted to listen at all and it got really old but we just got to keep pressing on.
The best part about this week was conference. It was just so amazing. The whole time I was just smiling because it is so great to hear from God’s appointed apostles and prophet. Our investigator Rosemary and her kids came to 2 sessions and they loved it!
One of my favorite parts was at the end of the Saturday morning session. The man who said the prayer blessed the families of all the missionaries that they would be comforted and I knew that you all would be hearing it at the same time as me because we watched it live, and I just felt this awesome closeness to all of you! It was really special. I started crying of course and I think Rosemary was a little worried because she had no idea why I was crying haha. I’m just a baby I guess.
I will try to add little bits of what I learned at conference in the weeks to come. It was really a spiritual outpour this weekend!
I love you all. Sorry for the somewhat lame email…
Talk to you next week! Much love-
Elder Gallacher
Gardens in Hamburg

Gardens in Hamburg






Me and Elder Clarke

Me and Elder Clarke


One response to “Week 28: Conference weekend

  1. jowo

    beautiful photography, Briggs.

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