Week 25: New things in Hamburg

Well this week was full of adventure and great experiences.

On Monday I went around saying bye to people and got my last sultan döner. If you didn’t know, sultans döners are seriously the best döners in all the land and the man that makes them is named Talot. He is my favorite Turkish friend. He always gave me double meat, cheese and a drink for free! I’m really going to miss his sweet soul.
On Tuesday I got on a train to Leipzig and then got on another to Hamburg. As soon as I got there we got a call and someone was at the church and wanted to meet with us. So we rushed over to the church and met this black man named S. He told us how he was possessed and how the devil ruined his relationship with the church and all sorts of weird stuff, and long story short, we found out that his real name is sally sue and he is this crazy man that goes around burning Books of Mormons, and other things that the church gives out so we got him out of there as quick as we could.
Oh also my new companion’s name is Elder Hellander and he is way cool. He is almost done with his mission so it should be good to work together.
Well time is really, really, short today but the end of the week was super cool. We went to Berlin for a mission wide meeting with Elder Bednar and it was amazing! It was about 4 hours of him just asking us questions and us getting up and talking to him. It was so cool because I had so many questions answered through other people asking him things! The spirit was really strong!
I feel really bad but the time does just not agree we me today. I will tell you all about the fun things we did while in Berlin next week!
I love you all
Give them heaven out there!!
Elder Gallacher

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