Week 24: I’m leaving my hometown

What is up!

So big news, big news for sure.
I got transferred!!!!! and I am going to…….drum roll……… Hamburg!!
I am super excited. It is going to be completely different. I mean, right now, I live in a place with 15,000 people and I’m moving to the second biggest city in germany with 1,688,000 people! It will be a totally new adventure for sure!
As for the week, we had a lesson with K. and we talked about Moroni 7 and I’m still not sure what exactly is keeping him from baptism, but I think he will make it in the near future. He loves the Book of Mormon and coming to church and what he loves even more is the Doctrine and Covenants! It’s awesome!
So remember last week how we found that super cool world traveler couple, set up a lesson with them, and we were super excited for it? Well in all honesty, it kinda crashed and burned. We went there on Wednesday after what was already a really rough day of doors, and the woman opened the door and let us in and she goes on to tell us that she had talked to her daughter in Berlin and her daughter said that she is too old for us to teach her and she is only 80 yearss old.. that’s nothin! It was actually really sad because she had said that our first visit really helped her, but her silly daughter said she can’t meet with us anymore. At that point all we could do was bare testimony and let her know that she isn’t too old and that she can call us whenever she needs help.
On Thursday we had zone conference in Dresden and we went about 2 hours early with the zone leaders and saw all the sites in Dresden! It was so beautiful. There is a ton of history too.
Friday our appointment with S. fell through and sadly I won’t be able to see him before I leave, but we are facebook friends and we have each others emails so it’s ok!
Saturday we had transfer calls and I started packing and we did a ton of doors but didn’t find anyone. We had a few good conversations though!
On Sunday I bore my testimony and it was hard to say good bye to all the ward members. It was really hard to say by to K. I don’t know if you remember but his whole experience was really a huge miracle and we have grown really close through all the progress that he has made.
I am actually really sad to be leaving but the Lord needs me in Hamburg and that is where I will go. I am excited to see what the next few months bring bring me!
Hope all is well. Give ’em heaven!
Elder Gallacher
 eating frogs from the woods.

eating frogs from the woods.




last Sunday in my area

last Sunday in my area

ps my address is
Possmoor weg 21b
22301 Hamburg

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