week 23: Briggy’s 19th Birthday

Well this week was great, as always!

Let me first paint a picture of what is happening right now….
Imagine a sketchy casino in Nevada, now make it 4x as trashy and
smoky and that is where I am right now haha! We used to do emails at a
members house but we can’t do that anymore so we do it at the church
but that takes 4 hours so this week we thought we would try here.
We got permission and everything so no worries there. It’s funny
because there is a countdown timer for how much time we have left and
there is all sorts of beeps and sounds and intense music playing so it
makes the whole menial task of writing emails quite intense!

Anyway, we had a wonderful lesson with Shu chau and he is making good
progress towards his baptism. On the way back we got on the wrong
train and it didn’t stop till Chemnitz so that was an adventure for
sure haha.

On Wednesday we had a lesson with Klaus and he still doesn’t feel ready
for baptism but he is working on it so that is good. We decided to
stop in a little place on the way home and visit some contacts and we
were both super tired, but we had a list of people we wanted to visit.
So we started visiting and one person after another shut the door, but at the
last place this guy let us right in and we watched, ‘Finding faith in
Christ’ with him and his wife and they are super cool! They are crazy
world travelers but are super athiest because of DDR stuff but they
want us to come back on Wednesday so we can teach them some more!!
That was a wonderful blessing!

Most of our days were filled with klingeling as usual, but on Friday we
got some bikes and on Saturday we thought we’d brake them in because
we had reached our km limit for the mont,h so we ended up biking around
35 kms and the route we took made it about 30 kms and most up hill! To
make it worse my low gear was broken so it was just miserable!
Despite feeling like we were dying the entire day it was actually
quite fun, especially when we went down hills. I checked our speed on
our navigator and we were pushing 60kmh on our beach cruisers! It was
exciting indeed!

Not too much else happened but it was just a solid week!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I am going to get out of this casino
before I get lung cancer…

I love you all!

Elder Gallacher

Berlin forests

Berlin forests



Singing and preaching in the rain

Singing and preaching in the rain



biking is a good workout

biking is a good workout


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