Week 22: ”Give ’em heaven; it’s better than the alternative”

Hello pretty people!

 I guess I’ll start with saying congrats to Brittlyn for having her baby!!! He is the cutest little guy and I cant wait to meet him in a year and a half!
As for my week, it was a little not so amazing as we had hoped, but it was still another week on the mission which is a good week! (No matter how you look at it!)
On Monday we had an appointment with our mushroom friend and it turns out our fears may be confirmed. He may not be using the mushrooms for cooking if you know what I mean… we aren’t sure because he was just kind of short and rude and didn’t let us inside and then we set up another appt, and we went and he said we should come back. So we set another time and he wasn’t there. We aren’t sure what the deal is but we are still trying to teach him so I guess we’ll see what happens!
On Tuesday we had a lesson with Klaus and we were excited to set a baptismal date for the 6th, but he said that is way too soon. It is a little hard to explain all his concerns but we are working hard and I have no doubt he will be baptized in a month or two!
For the rest of the week a few appointments fell through and we did a lot of finding and we managed to find one guy who wanted a Book of Mormon!! He didn’t want to make  a return app but we will go by this week and see how he is doing!
We had a lesson with Shu Chau and he is still doing great! He is such a funny guy. He is really progressing towards his baptism on the 20th so that is really exciting!
All in all it was another week showing me that when things don’t go right –but you still give it everything you’ve got– in the end you feel blessed and accomplished.
I would encourage you all to go about doing good because 1. it makes you feel good and 2. you bless the lives of others as you do so!
As Opa Ray said ”Give ’em heaven, it’s better than the alternative”
Love you all,
Elder Gallacher

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