Week 21: Trust your faith


This week was so wonderful!
So remember last week how we found Shu Chau? Well this week we taught him and the lesson was going really well and I had this feeling that I should ask him if he would be baptized. I was a little nervous because he really has no religious background and he didn’t even know what baptism is but I went for it! I explained what it is and asked if that is something he would want to do, and he said yes! Me and my companion were both shocked! We still have a lot to teach him but we are just so excited! In the next lesson we set a date for the 20th of september! Sadly I might be gone by then because we had interviews this week and president said I might be leaving, but i’ll just have to wait and see.
We also found a super cool new investigator named Dirk Brückner. We were doing doors and we were both pretty tired and we had the option of going home and having a small dinner or knocking for another hour and then going home. Usually we don’t take dinner breaks–we just eat a little during language study or after planning but this day we had been knocking for a while! Plus it had rained on us and it was cold and windy so we decided to go home. As we made this decision we both had the feeling that we should do one more building. So we abandoned our plans to have a delicious dinner of bread and cheese and started on the next building. First door with 12 klingles: nothing. Second door with 12: nothing. Third door with 12: nothing. But on the fourth door on the last klingle a super cool man let us right in! We were both surprised because this guy looks like the kind of guy who would try to beat us with a hammer but he is the coolest, mushroom-loving, hippie man alive! we have a lesson with him tonight and we’ve got high hopes!
Our other investigator Klaus is doing well too! We were in Meerane for church this week and he went to church in Hohenstein even though we weren’t there! We will be inviting him to be baptized on Tuesday so please pray for him!
It was truly a wonderful week!
I love you all so much and hope all is well!
Trust your faith everyone!
Elder Gallacher!

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