Week 20: forget yourself and go to work

So first things first, I want to say congratulations to Maddie and McKay! I am so happy for you both and I love you a whole lot!!
As for my week, it was definitely another interesting week here in Germany…
One thing I’ve been learning is to really appreciate the little things. Like on Monday, we went to Langenberg and did some doors and I looked around and I realized how beautiful everything was. The weather was neither cold nor hot, there was a pretty strong wind and there was the scent of flowers and freshly cut grass in the air. To add on to that, the sky was so cool! On one half it was sunny with a few ‘Toy Story’ type clouds and then on the other side it was black with huge thunder clouds! As we were walking back to the car I just closed my eyes and pretended I was flying in the wind… yeah it was a little weird but it was just a small simple thing that was just wonderful! I would say that my comp thought it was weird but I’m pretty sure he is used to a lot of the strange things I do haha! Sadly when I opened my eyes, after my glorious flight, a bug decided to go kamikaze and fly straight into my eyeball…. it was awful. It took about 20 minutes for the thing to work it’s way back to the front of my eye after taking a little field trip to my brain. When I finally got it out it was still alive! The crazy bug had been scratching up my eyeball with his little spider legs!
We had two lessons with Klaus this week and they were so great great! He is soooo close to choosing a baptismal date. He pretty much knows everything and says he believes that it is true so we are stoked for that!
I had tausch (exchanges) with a Zone leader and we had a great time! He is from Brazil and we get along great and we found some pretty good contacts!
On Friday we went to visit Boyun and we met his new roommate; his Name is Shuchao
and he is great! He loves America and is actually pretty interested in the Gospel too! He is just a ball of energy and he randomly says things that are just so funny! Like one time he just goes ”smashing pumpkins, great band. 1979 is my favorite song of my whole life Hands down, that’s it” and he has the funniest accent so everything he says is just funny!
Klaus came to church on Sunday and he loved it!
This week there were a few days where, I’ll be honest, I did not want to go and do doors at all but time after time when I just forgot myself and went to work (like the father of President Hinkley told him) I was always happy!
things are going great here and i hope everything is well with you as well!
I love you all
so Long,
Elder Gallacher

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