Week 19: Choosing to be happy

Well, hello everyone!

This week was very, very long.
It started out on a high note, we went finding on p-day and we found a new investigator and we set up an appointment for the next day.
So on Tuesday we also had an appointment with our investigator Klaus and we were going to talk about baptism and he got a little defensive, and a little upset. But it wasn’t a huge problem because Elder Eastmond and I had fasted about his Baptismal date and we both got a feeling that he would get baptized this transfer. So we know that as long as we keep doing our part the Lord will soften his heart and it will all work out! We went to have a lesson with our new investigator but it turned out that after we left, she went online and found some anti-mormon stuff and decided that she had learned enough and didn’t want to meet with us. We tried to explain that what she looked up was not true but she was pretty sure that she knew everything. That seems to happen a lot where people hear ‘church’ and then think they know everything about every church and they don’t give anything a chance. That’s probably been one of the hardest things to deal with so far.
Anyway, on Wednesday we were going to have two lessons but both of them ended up falling through so we knocked on doors for about 7 hours…. it was great. haha We always have the best adventures when doing doors. We walked up to this one house and it looked like it should be in a horror movie, I mean it was over grown and there were weird bones everywhere, and on top of all that there was a very nasty sounding growl coming from the house. It was my turn to ring so I walked through the gate and up the path and a dog starts barking like crazy. My comp decides to stay at the gate and I go up and round the corner and there is a massive knife just stuck into the door frame… I knock on the door and to my right there is this weird cage thing attached to the house. I look inside and I swear the biggest dog I have ever seen jumped up against the fence and started going nuts. I’m not kidding around when I say this dog could have been some sort of a bear… it had to have been at least 6 or 7 feet tall on its hind legs! Needless to say, I ended up taming it and using it as a horse. 😉
The rest of the week was filled with 8 hour days of klingling and we only found one solid contact, but it was still good. This week I was reminded of what grandpa Ray said, ”I tried being sad once, and I just didn’t like it much”
It is true that happiness is a choice and when we choose to be happy things always go smoother!
Side notes: I’ve been losing some weight and all my pants are too big for me now.
We got a surprise rain storm and got soaked again.
One night there was an insane lightning storm and there was lighting going off literally every few seconds and the thunder was so loud! It was rad!
Also I’m pretty sure that Grandma Olea is with me because the other day I looked at my desk and saw that there was a pile of about 20 rocks that I had been collecting.
Last of all I would like to wish some luck on Maddie and Mckay! I love you both and am excited for you! I will miss everyone at the wedding, but I’ll send my love!
stay sunny-
Elder Gallacher

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