Week 18: Blessings of memorizing Scripture

Hello Everyone!
This week was one for the books!
On Monday we were going door to door and we started talking to an old man and it was a pretty normal conversation, and there was a point where Elder Eastmond stopped talking and I knew that I needed to say something but I had no idea what to say. I decided to put my trust on the Lord and simply open my mouth, I dont know what I said but I know it was the spirit talking through me. It brought the spirit into the conversation and then something amazing happened, Elder Eastmond and I really started teaching this man the truths in unity. By the end of the conversation he wanted a Book of Mormon and said he would read it.
It was so awesome!
We had another cool experience with a man named Boyun Wang (the guy who got locked out of his appartment). It was our first lesson with him and we had kind of assumed that he was Christian because when we first talked to him and a girl who we thought was his girlfriend, they were talking about going to the ‘Jesus Punkt’. It turned out that only the girl was Christian and Boyun knew close to nothing about Christ.
When we went back for the lesson only Boyun was home and when we found out that he didn’t really even know who God was, we were both a little taken back and we weren’t sure where to begin. There was a long bit of silence and I remember praying so we would know what to say and just then Elder Eastmond started to teach Boyun who God is. It was exactly what we needed to teach. We asked Boyun to say the closing prayer and to ask if God is there. Neither of us knew what he said because it was in Chinese but I do know that the Spirit was there testifying to him that God is there. As soon as he finished he look up with a smile and said it was his first prayer. I asked him how he felt and he said ”awesome!”
We explained that we come to know that God is there through our feelings- and that what he was feeling was God’s love for him. Boyun told us in our next lesson that he now believes in God!
I had another cool experience where I saw some of the blessings of memorizing scriptures.
As a mission we have been asked to memorize about 40 scriptures in all and this week I really saw the blessing of it. As we talked to this one lady it was like all the things that I needed to say were in the scriptures that I had memorized. Of course I didn’t just go and recite a bunch of scriptures at her, but because I knew what they said I believe that the Spirit was able to better help me know what to say.
The week as a whole was just great! We had lessons with Fangming, Klaus, and the Bauers.
I don’t know if I have ever told you about the Bauers but they are so great! They are about 75 and they are kind of our eternal investigators so we only go over every two weeks and do service, and then they feed us. We usually have a lesson and lately they have been making some good progress!
Herr Bauer and I started talking about photography and I found out that he is this famous DDR wildlife photographer! He has the coolest stories ever!
anyways I love you all so much!
Keep it real, real faithful!
Elder Gallacher
I found Kaetzilein Mom!

I found Kaetzilein Mom!

The hills are alive with the sound of lots of rain clouds. always.

The hills are alive with the sound of lots of rain clouds. always.

Me and Elder Eastmond being weird.

Me and Elder Eastmond being weird.


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