Week 17: the 2 hour miracle

Hello friends and family!

So this week was pretty great!
Monday was pretty normal, we went to kaufland, got a döner and then we went to this big mall so Elder Eastmond could get a suit and I thought I would look for a pair of boots, but I ran into a little problem… the highest shoe size that they sell in any store is a 4!!  (I have a size 48 or 49). So I asked them if they could look online and they said that most of the companies don’t even go over a 47 so I guess I wont be getting new shoes any time soon! Monday night we had a lesson with a non active member and it went pretty well. His son was trying to pull out a loose tooth so that was a little distracting, but it was pretty funny as well!
On Tuesday we taught Klaus and it was wonderful as usual. He is just so open and loves to learn and the spirit is always so strong! That night I went to Chemnitz for an exchange with the zone leaders and Elder Smith and I taught a man from Singapore! He was a little crazy but it was cool.
Wednesday I spent the day in Chemnitz and it was great! Elder Smith and I get along really well so we were both looking forward to this tausch/exchange for the whole month! We had lunch at a members house and it was just her and her kids so we had to find someone to come with us so we ended up going to an investigator and asked him if he wanted to eat lunch with us. He was like, ‘sure why not’. So we go to the house and it is super cool! The woman is from Chile and married a German so she has been living here for about ten years and has perfect german and english! She made us this amazing traditional Chilean food and the plates we used were hand made by her sister in Chile!
Oh yeah, when we did our morning exercise we decided to go to a park but I didn’t have normal shoes so we just ran there barefoot and played at the park like little kids! At one point we were on this weird spring platform thing and Elder Smith tried to get off but it kind of launched him in the air and he landed right on his back. It was hilarious!
On Thursday we had district meeting and then we went to Glauchau to knock on doors and go by a few contacts and one guy we visited was super happy that we were back and wants to meet again, and talk about the Book of Mormon!
Friday after studies we did service at the Bauers. The Bauers are just great! they have been investigators forever but they are actually starting to make progress so we are super excited! When we do service we always do random stuff and this time I had to cut down like 5 trees with a tiny hang saw. It was rough. I ended up tearing the skin on my pinky knuckle and getting some nice sized blisters –and on top of that I had about <3849> slivers!
On Saturday we had a ward party so we thought we would make cookies!  We made the dough but we were running out of time so we just plopped the whole thing in a pan and hoped for the best. I’ll be honest, it did not look too good but we brought it anyways and it turned out to be a hit! The members loved it! One guy had like 4 pieces! Our investigator klaus was also there and he made a lot of friends so it was a huge success!
Sunday was wild! We had church in Meerane and there were only around 16 people there because everyone was on vacation, but it was still really good. Then we had lunch at a members and then we did some doors and this one guy picked up the klingle and said we interrupted his midday nap and gave us some very unpleasant threats–and hung up. We kept on klingling and then he picked up the phone and said, in a very low and creepy voice, ”you want something evil? Well here is the devil” and then hung up. Wo we klingled someone else and he answered again and said ”boo” haha he did things like this about 4 more times. It was very strange indeed! After doors we went to have a lesson with two new investigators. After we rang he let us in but had forgotten about the meeting so we were talking outside his door and the wind blew it shut and he looked at us like ”oh no” and then he said that he left his key inside so we said we would help him.
I learned from my neighbor how to break into certain doors so I thought I would try on this one but I didn’t have the right tools and nothing was working. So me and my comp thought it would be a good teaching opportunity so we taught him about prayer and asked if we could say one together. He liked the idea so we said one and went back to work and nothing was working. We went around back and he said I could try to climb up to his second story balcony and see if the door was unlocked so I did, but sadly it wasn’t. so I ‘spidered’ my way back down and we tried some other things but it still wasn’t working.
By now we had been trying for about 2 hours and we all were a little discouraged but then we thought, ‘hey this is a perfect time to teach him about faith’, so we did and we told him that sometimes God tests our faith but we have to always trust Him. I asked him if he felt any impressions on what we could try and he was like ”maybe we can ask a neighbor if they have a ladder and we could use it to climb in an open window.” We all agreed that was a great idea and and it turned out that his neighbor was totally willing to help and I ended up going up this super old wooden rinkity dink ladder and climbed through the window and  got in! It was a miracle! It was definitely an adventure and a faith builder for everyone that was involved!
The week was filled with heat, service, good studies, fun adventures, and the spirit!
It was great.
I love you all 🙂
keep on keeping on
-Elder Gallacher

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