Week 15: One Crazy week!

Hello everyone, this week in Germany was definitely pretty wild!

So on Monday after p-day we had a lesson with an inactive member and it was so good. The spirit was so strong. We read in the Book of Mormon and it’s crazy how much power is behind that book. It really does testify of Christ in every way!
On Tuesday we had a lesson with Klaus, the man we found a few Sundays ago, and it went great. He knows the Book of Mormon is true and he has a testimony of everything that we have taught him but he just doesn’t want to focus too much on baptism because he wants to learn more so we will keep working with him. I know that as he keeps reading in the Book of Mormon he will develop the desire to be baptized.  After the lesson we went to a city called Glauchau and we found a super cool Chinese couple that we will start teaching after they finish their semester!
On Wednesday we read a talk called, “becoming a consecrated mission” and it was just so good! We went out and just talked with everyone and had so many good conversations, and even though we didn’t find any new investigators (and our lesson for that day fell through) we were still so happy because we were just working hard. Hard work really is the key to being happy when it comes to serving the lord. You can’t do this work half heartedly and expect to feel good when you go to sleep at night. But if you give it your all every single day the joy that you feel is something that I can’t even describe!
Thursday was crazy. We had zone training meeting and it was good and then we went to a place called Lugau and we klingled on this one lady’s door.  She let us in and she boldly told us that she didn’t want anything to do with us and that she had a bad experience with business men and we told her that we were from a church. Then she went on to tell us this weird story including being held down on the ground and being forced to sign something and getting too many letters. It was very strange. Then out of no where this guy walks up behind her and sees us and just goes a-wall, I mean livid. He pushes this woman over and runs at us and pushes us down the stairs and yells to get- so we go out and he slams the door. Then this woman comes out and starts to apologize and then he comes out again and starts cussing us out and freaking out. Then he runs down to his Keller (basement) and gets this weird wooden pole/post thing and comes running at us! At this point my companion was pretty freaked out, but I figured this guy was all bark and no bite so I  just stood my ground and he ran up to me, looked up ( he was pretty short), and just yelled some more and walked away! It definitely got my heart pumping! Then we found a super cool guy who is in an ”American rock band” and he wants to hear more about the Book of Mormon so it just shows that you have always got to keep pressing on!
Now Friday got even crazier… after weekly planning we did doors in Meerane and we were at some big apartment building and at each door there were about 16 klingles and we had klingled about 8 and a guy walked up to go inside and we tried to talk to him and he just said ”nay,” and so I asked what his name was so that we wouldn’t klingle him and he just walked in so then the next one we klingled was him and he comes out and said, “I just said I didn’t want to hear you guys!”  Then he goes on to say how churches are the biggest murderers in the world and told us to go away but we told him that we still had more people to klingle, but he still told us to leave. Then he went inside and we started klingling again and he came back out and started cussing at us and telling us that something bad is going to happen if we don’t leave and then he slammed the door again. So we started back up and he came back out and maked this weird fist thing and asked me if I knew what it meant and I’m like, “no I have no idea,” and he says, “well if you don’t leave your are going to find out”. Then he proceeded to slam the door and we started klingling again and he came back out and freaked out and started saying very awful things and we tried to tell him that it is not his job to stop us from talking to his neighbors and that we are allowed to be here but he didn’t care.
So then he went down to his keller and came back up with a hammer! No joke, this guy was hard core. So then I said, “do you really want to kill us?” And he said, “maybe,” and I said my classic line that we have a calling from God, etc. Then he went on to defile God and started walking towards us with his hammer and at this point we figured we might as well go to the next building because there wasn’t going to be any success there. All in all it was crazy.
The rest of the week was pretty slow but on Sunday our investigator from China came to church! He walked 5 kms to get there it was so cool!
So this week I saw that even though things don’t go how you plan, or lessons fall through, or you get threatened, and lots of other thing go wrong you can still be happy through Christ! It’s like alma says in Alma 31 how all of the joys are in Christ and how all of their pains are taken away by Christ.
Oh yeah, I forgot happy 4th and happy birthday to Kenna! We didn’t do too much to celebrate the fourth but I did register here in Hohenstein so that was kind of funny!
Anyways keep working hard and trusting the Lord in all that you do. It will make you so happy!
Keep the faith,
Ich habe euch lieb
Elder Gallacher

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