Week 14: The Lord blesses us

Well this week wasn’t terribly exciting, but it was still really good!

The weather has been overcast and rainy and I love it! We had 3 lessons fall through so that was really lame but we had a lesson with the man that we found two weeks ago and he is doing so well!
He loves to learn and always takes tons of notes!
We got a text from the mission president and he told the mission that if we wanted we were allowed to watch the Germany vs. USA game so we watched it at a members house and that was so fun! We spent a lot of time in a place called Grüna doing a lot of tracting and this week we found 9 potential investigators so that was just awesome! This one guy we talked to had the craziest sächsisch dialect I’ve ever heard. He would say ”Ich hab da nie kert” and in real German it would be ”Ich habe dass nicht gehört” meaning ”I’ve never heard that’.’ Then he said ”Ich weis nie oby doby” real german would be ”Ich weis nicht ob ich da bin” meaning ”I don’t know if I’ll be there”. It was seriously so hard to understand him! It’s really cool to see how my German has gotten better. I can pretty much understand anyone now and I can say most everything I want too!
Even though we’re not teaching a ton of people and finding people like crazy I can still see how the Lord blesses us. If we look for how the Lord has blessed us we will always find so many ways.
I really hope you are all doing well.
I love you and pray for you!
Elder Gallacher

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