Week 13: This is the work of God

Hello! Well this week I got a new companion and I was pretty sad to lose Elder Ashmead because we had become really close, but my new comp is pretty cool! His name is Elder Eastmond and he is from Mapleton, Utah. I picked him up from the bannhof and we walked over to our car and I was thinking that I was going to drive but he seems to think that it is his job even though he doesn’t really know the area or the laws in Germany.
It has sure been an adventure driving with him, but I am still alive so all is good! We went to Chemnitz for a Service Project with the Zone leaders and it was at a zoo! It was so sweet. I hadn’t been to a zoo in years and I love them. One of the zone leaders named Elder Smith has become one of my really good friends so it was fun to be able to see him for the day. We did a lot of knocking on doors just like any other week but because my new companion has served his whole mission in big cities and in the west he wasn’t used to the whole knocking on doors/east atmosphere that we have here so it was a little different for him but it was ok! Apparently people are pretty mean here in the east compared to the west, but I think they are just tough. I mean, they lived through the DDR so they’ve got to be!
At one apartment we were ‘klingling’ and this guy came running down telling us to leave and that he was calling the cops and we were like well we have permission to be here but this guy was not having it so he started to get real close to us trying to force us out and I told him that we weren’t going to leave and that we were going to finish talking to the people in the apartments– he did not like that. He pulled his phone and started yelling and my comp wanted to leave but I said to my companion,  I’m going to show you how things go down here in the east… so I look at this guy and I say, “this is the work of God and we will not and cannot stop because we have been called by God to do this work!”  Haha the guys face was great and then I pulled out my favorite line and asked if we could talk to him about his salvation. He didn’t want to talk but he did leave us alone so that was good!
I think my new comp was a little surprised and a little scared but he’s doing a lot better with doors now so thats good! Another cool thing was that we went to Schwarzenberg to help with a street display but there were so many members there that the elders had to go on splits with them and I ended up with a man who knew zero english! We went out knocking on doors for 3 hours together and it was cool to see that when it really came down to it I could say pretty much anything I wanted too! Of course my grammar was probably awful but I held my own! We didn’t have anyone at church this week and it seemed that all of our investigators were gone, but we were able to meet with the guy that we found last Sunday and it was a good lesson. I’m really excited to keep meeting with him.
One thing that I’ve been noticing is that I am changing a lot. It’s a little weird to think that I’ve only been on my Mission for about 3 months and I’ve already grown so much, but I am so grateful for all the experiences that I am having.
Keep on Keeping on and always be striving to grow in faith-
I love you all!
Elder Gallacher

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