Week 12: with faith you will see miracles


So this week was a good one, then sad,  and then good again!
I’ll start with the news: my companion is getting transferred to Kiel as a zone leader so we were both super bummed about that because we like serving together. We also had 2 investigators at church!
We were supposed to have a lot of lessons but they all fell through so I was looking back on this transfer and I realized something sad… I’ve only taught 9 lessons in the entire 6 weeks. I will admit I started wondering a little bit where the blessings were and why, even though we work so hard every day, we don’t see any success. But I knew that I needed to just keep trusting the Lord and I would, at the very least, be happy! So then on Sunday we had a Chinese guy and a German at church and then we taught the Chinese student investigator and the spirit was so strong– it was crazy.
He made a ton of progress! Then we went knocking doors and when I say knocking doors I mean ringing ‘klingles’ which are basically doorbells but people talk through them. Also a lot of the times we go to these places that were built when Russia was here so the buildings are just these huge apartment buildings that are all exactly the same. So at every door they have about 12 klingles and on every building they have about 5 to 10 doors and we had done about 3 buildings and were very very tired. We had one building left and we could have gone home and made calls but we both thought we should go to this last one. We rand almost the whole building and at the last door a guy answered and asked us to come up. (At this point me and my come were freaking out haha)
So we go up and he is super excited to hear our message and he gets a note pad out to take notes and just loves everything we say! Then as we were leaving he said that he never lets strangers in his apartment but he heard someone tell him to let us in. WHAT!? Then he also said that he is always busy around the time that we came by but for some reason he wasn’t this time!
So even though the whole transfer was pretty hard and unsuccessful we kept trusting the Lord and and He blessed us for it! I know that the Lord is there and if we just keep trying our hardest and keep building our faith we will see miracles!
As always I don’t have a lot of time but I love you and miss you all!
keep on keeping on. 
Elder Gallacher

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