Week 11: relying on the spirit


So this week was long and hot. I mean really really hot. It got up to around 90 or 95 degrees and it is like 90 to 100 % humidity. There is no air conditioning here in Gernany and our apartment has a ton of windows so it is always just hot and we always feel sticky but I am getting used to it.

We went to Dresden for a big meeting and I got to see some people from the mtc and I got to see Elder Jacob Clarke! It was so good to see him. On the train home it was super packed, so we had to stand in this tiny space with 10 other people for 2 hours. It had to have been about 115 degrees, it was like a sauna. I think I lost 5 pounds on that one train ride! Ha ha!

My comp and I have been messing with each other quite a bit and the other night i pulled the best prank of my life! So we have bunk beds and under the mattresses there are these wooden boards that support it. My comp sleeps on the top and when he was making his nightly district leader calls I went and took all the boards out so when he came in and jumped up to his bed he fell right through!  We must have laughed for 30 minutes.

This week we went to a park and slacklined for a while which was super fun!

One thing I am surprised about is that I like carbonated water now. Also I am a  pro at eating like a german.

So this week we did a lot of tracting as per usual and we got yelled at a few times but nothing too bad. Now that it is hot here people just answer the door wearing like nothing so that it can sometimes be pretty funny. We taught a lesson to 4 chinese people and I just love them so much! They are here to learn german so that they can study at the universities here and they are always excited to learn! The main person we are teaching is named Fangming and he is great!

I am learning every day to just rely on the Spirit and on Christ. I know that as long as I work  hard and strive to follow the spirit I will be doing exactly what the Lord wants me to do and that brings me so much joy!

I was listening to a talk by Neal A Maxwell, called Encircled in the Arms of His Love and he says ” God has made ample provisions for mankind’s redemption. Part of God’s ample provisions consists of imperfect people like you and me. Committed nevertheless, to shining and serving in our appointed orbits knowing all the while that we are encircled in the arms of love.”

No one is perfect and I definitely have my down falls but I know that as long as I am committed to serving God. I will help bring to pass his work.

I pray that you will all work hard so that you will feel the encircling power of God’s  love.

> quick shout out to grace hendricks for getting called to berlin! im so excited for you!
> have a great week
> love you!
> Elder Gallacher


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