Week 9: A week of ups and downs


So this was another week full of ups and downs but it was great!
I believe last week I told you about an Indian woman we found and that she and her husband were really interested. Well this week we had a lesson with them and it turns out that they just wanted to get us over there so they could bash on us. We asked if we could share something from what we prepared and they just said, ‘no’ and kept bashing on us. It was really sad because we were both so excited to teach and help this family but they wanted nothing to do with us. We are praying that maybe someday they will decide to let the missionaries teach them.
It was finally warm so we went to this massive park to try and find people but no one was around. I did, however, climb an insanely big tree! It was very cool!
We have a member in our ward and he is from Iran. He is the coolest most converted guy I’ve ever met. He got baptized about 7 years ago but he got sent back to Iran and he couldn’t go to church or have any church material because if he did, he would be put in prison or killed. He is now back in Germany and we are teaching him again because he had forgotten everything while he was in Iran. The reason I say he is so converted is because he was in Iran for like 5 years without the gospel and now that he’s back he just always talks about how great the Lord is, how much he loves the Book of Mormon, and how much he missed it. We had a lesson with him and we found out that he is getting sent back to Iran and he won’t be able to come back. It was a very emotional lesson because he is so faithful and yet he has so many trials. I was able to share some scriptures that helped him a lot and we are going to try and get him through the temple before he has to leave.
On Saturday I was on an exchange with a zone leader and we found a new investigator in our area!! We were in this little dorf and we had walked about 1 km and we had a good conversation with this guy. He said he was interested! We had about 1 km left of this street and out of nowhere it started to rain. We decided to try and finish it and by the end we were completely soaked! We still had to walk 2km back to our car! haha It was hilarious.
We teach a lot of Chinese people here because they are all at the universities. That night we had a lesson with a guy and he made us dinner! He was telling us how the place in China where he lives has these insanely hot chilis and he gave me one to smell. So I just popped the whole thing in my mouth thinking that it couldn’t be that bad. Well it was that bad, and it felt like I had 4345837583 bees inside my mouth all stinging me over and over. It was like that for 20 minutes. It was so awful, but it was very funny!
Even though things can be hard here I always feel the love of Christ helping me through each day. It’s hard to have so many people reject our message but I know I am doing the right thing.
I hope all is well and I love you so much!
Keep it real
Elder Gallacher

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