Week 8: Missionary work is hard, but rewarding

Hello wonderful people! 

I have a lot of mixed emotions this week. It’s hard to be sad when you are serving the Lord, but missionary work is definitely hard.
So here is my week day by day:
On Monday (which is Pday), after emailing, we went to our local Döner place to get a Döner, and the guy that works there loves us, and gives us extra stuff– it’s awesome. Then we found this antique/thrift store and found some sweet stuff. I got a really old camera and I think I can get it to work! If anyone wants some cool old DDR\ GDR (german democratic republic) stuff let me know. We went to Lichtenstein and knocked on some doors but no one was interested and then we stopped by a really cool castle.
On Tuesday it was raining a lot. It has rained pretty much every day since I got here, and it gets a little miserable some times but it’s always an adventure. We had a meeting with another branch in Meerane and we drove with our ward mission leader on the autobahn. When we drive the mission rule is that we can’t go above 130 kmh which is around 80 mph, but the guy we drove with was going 240kmh which is like 150mph– it was pretty wild!
On Wednesday we had a zone training meeting in Chemnitz, and then went knocking on doors in a little Dorf called Heinrichsort but no one was interested. It is funny, most people will proudly state that they are Lutheran and then close the door or just say ”nay” and wave their hand like they are casting a spell or something. It always gives us a good laugh.
On Thursday we went back to Heinrichsort to try and talk to some contacts and finally one of them was home. She is a really cool Indian woman and she has the cutest little kids. She is really interested so we set up an appointment and that was just such a huge blessing to have a new investigator! One guy answered the door and let us right in. We taught him the first lesson and talked about the Book of Mormon and he seemed super interested. Then all the sudden he said, ” I’m so sad that you think there is only one true church.”  He went on to explain that he believes there is just God and faith. It was sad because he was so prepared but he just won’t open his heart to pray and ask God. It is really hard for me when I want so badly for people to trust God and ask, but in the end it is their choice and I can’t do anything about it.
On Friday I went on an exchange to Schwarzenberg and it was pretty great. It is up in the mountains and so beautiful. Saturday morning we knocked on a ton of doors and had one good conversation so hopefully he will want to learn more.
Sunday we had church and I had to talk to the primary kids about prophets and I’m pretty sure they all just thought,       ‘what the heck is this guy talking about?’ haha it was funny. We had dinner at a part-member family’s house and the daughter served her mission in the ward we lived in Austria. So that was fun to talk about. We then went and knocked doors in Schönbörnchen and it was atheist capital. It was crazy and really rainy so it wasn’t a whole lot of fun.
It’s very hard work here in Germany but it is so rewarding. I’m so blessed to be here serving these people and I see miracles everyday.
OK now for some random funny stuff:
Every dinner table here has a light right above it and I swear I hit my head on them every single day – It’s ridiculous. There are these two guys that we nicknamed ‘the twins’ because they just walk around town all day with matching outfits. It’s really weird. (I guess they are similar to 2 missionaries dressing in suits! ha) They are like 70 years old too. German youth are just super different here. Every day we watch them from our window as they wait for their bus which sounds super creepy but everyone does it. (it’s called DDR tv) because back in the day that’s all people had for entertainment. Anyway, there is this one kid who just acts like he is going to hug people and then just punches them in the leg hahahaha it’s so random. Sometimes he knees them too. All the kids are always hitting each other.
Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. I’ll talk to you next week! I love you all and pray for you.
The gospel is true!
Stay golden-
Elder Gallacher
just teaching those who will  actually listen.

just teaching those who will actually listen.

fields of Germany

fields of Germany


Elder Gallacher

Elder Gallacher


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