Week 5: Hope is the Same as Trust

Dear Family!

This past week and a half definitely had its ups and downs, but one thing I’ve learned, is that when you’re serving the Lord the highs of life overshadow the lows by a lot.
My investigators haven’t been progressing, and it’s because I haven’t been teaching that well. My Deutsch is good but I haven’t been teaching in a personal way. I read in Helaman 3:35 and really helped me. It’s all about prayer and fasting. I pray so much here and I really feel the spirit and the love of Christ help me. On Tuesday we taught our investigator. We made it very personal and the spirit was so strong. Our teacher wrote us a note after and said it was the best lesson yet! I was so excited! At the devotional, Elder Oaks spoke about how to be a good missionary and it was so inspiring.
On Wednesday we had TRC and we skyped members from Germany! It was so cool! On Thursday I had a really good personal study where I learned about the characteristics of Christ. The characteristic I focused and studied on was hope. In “Preach my Gospel”  it says, “that hope is the same as trust” so I read a passage of scripture in Moroni and I changed the word hope to trust and it took on a whole different meaning! The passage is Moroni 7:40-48.
I’ve been reading the New Testament and it’s so amazing! It has a whole new meaning to me now that I’m on a mission. I’m really loving learning about the life of Christ! I am trying to be more like Christ everyday and one thing I’m trying do is to always have a smile on my face. I thought about how Grandpa Ray said, “I tried being sad once and I just didn’t like it much”. I think that is something Christ would’ve said in his own way.
I’ve read my patriarchal blessing a lot and I’m trying to become the servant of the Lord that it says I can be. In Sunday I woke up with a migrane  and a sinus infection so I slept in but the headache lingered for a while. One thing that was funny was that two of the guys in our zone have wheelchairs because they got hurt so we’re all really good at doing wheelies now.
 I was doing them down the hall and Elder Mills kept pushing me down. (Side note sometimes the Elders will have wrestling matches but I’ve never done it cause it’s probably not the best thing to do haha but everyone always wants me to. Another side not -Elder Mills is like 220 lbs of solid muscle and he’s very cocky and hard to get along with) so when he pushed me down for like the 6th time I got up and we started wrestling.  I wasn’t angry it was all in good fun. But anyway it took about 45 seconds and I had him on the ground in an arm bar and he tapped out. You could tell it humbled him a lot so that is good I guess.
On Monday we got a new investigator and his paper said we met him on the street and he was drunk and crying. When we went to the appointment he was drunk and didn’t remember us.  Keep in mind this one of our teachers but he was a very good actor! Our lesson was filled with the spirit and he even started crying, it was so cool! I cant wait to get to Germany in just 6 days! Yesterday D Todd Christofferson came and talked on being a trustworthy missionary of God and it really made me want to be the best I can be.
The MTC has been so amazing and I’ve learned so much and I’m just so excited to get to Germany! I love you all, sorry if this letter was a little hard to understand. It has been a pretty long week.
Anyway, I love you and miss you and pray for you every night.
stay well,
Elder Gallacher
Some Friends from MTC

Some Friends from MTC

Me and Elder in the Hall

Me and Elder in the Hall

Ran into the Doyles on my Sunday walk (Hud and Layna)

Ran into the Doyles on my Sunday walk (Hud and Layna)


Me, Layna mae, and Britt

Me, Layna mae, and Britt


Watch this FUN video about missionary work!  https://www.lds.org/prophets-and-apostles/unto-all-the-world/zhu-ching-suns-story?cid=HPWE043014753&lang=eng


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