Week 4: The Character of Christ


This week was insane. So p-day (preparation day) was good as always, and then on Tuesday we had 3 lessons and it was cool to see how much my German has come along. At the devotional Neil l. Anderson spoke about the Book of Mormon and its importance–it was so good. Then I gave my companion another blessing because he found out that he has a disease in his spine and it might keep him from going to Germany. Then a different doctor said that he didn’t have the disease and that he’ll be ok, and so that was just so cool.

I’ve given 4 blessings since being here and every time my faith grows stronger because I can feel the spirit speaking through me. I was a little sad on Wednesday because I kinda started to miss home and normal life, but then I just put everything I had into planning for a lesson and studying and things got so much better. A woman came to me and Elder Short and asked if we would be able to take pictures for “The Church News” (weekly publication) after the Easter-Sunday devotional/sacrament meeting.  We were so excited!
Saturday was seriously the longest day of my life. We have so much class time and study time and our teachers said to us that we’re not really teaching that well and we need to be better. It’s not as harsh as it sounds because we got really good advice but it’s kind of hard to explain everything. It was still hard to hear, but it’s good to know that I need to work harder. We all watched mormon messages that night because we were a little down and man they are so good. The “Because of Him” one is amazing!! (see last week’s post).
Sunday, on the other hand, was one of the best days of my life!! We found out that Elder Uchtdorf was speaking and that Elder Short and I were to go talk and take pictures with him for “The Church News” after the devotional. Elder Uchtdorf’s talk was amazing. He talked about the resurrected Christ and because the apostles knew him as the risen Lord they were fearless missionaries. He said that if we truly come to know Christ we can be fearless too. He bore testimony of Christ and it was one of the most powerful testimonies I’ve ever heard. He really does know Christ in a personal way and he knows that Christ lives with a surety! There was a lot more, but yeah, it’s kinda hard to write.
I was able to sing in the choir and I guess they did one of those slow zoom-ins right on my face and since I always sit next to all the Polynesian missionaries my hair was like super bright! At least that’s what people told me.
I’ve learned a good amount of Tongan and it’s fun to use it with all the guys I’ve become friends with haha. We watched a talk by Elder Bednar  that changed my life. It’s called the ‘Character of Christ’ and is only played in the MTC. It is about Christ and how he always turns outward and helps and thinks about other people and their wellbeing. But the natural man turns inward and thinks about himself and wants recognition. He also said that having a testimony is not enough to stay active: we must be truly converted. If having a testimony means you know what is true than conversion is constantly living what you know to be true on a daily basis. I’ve read my patriarchal blessing a lot over the last weekend; I’ve learned a lot about myself.  I am working everyday on “turning outward” and putting off the natural man and becoming a true disciple of Christ.

I’m probably forgetting a lot but my brain is pretty fried. I leave for Germany in 15 days and I can’t wait! I love you all and pray for you every night. Be well–

Elder Gallacher

Doing Laundry and writing emails to family

Doing Laundry and writing emails to family







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