Week 3: Die Erlösungsplan

What a week! So Tuesday was super great. I got a new investigator, I sang in the MTC choir, and at gym me and another Elder thought it would be silly to go work out with some of the sisters who do yoga. We did these crazy leg workouts and we just about died haha. On Wednesday we had TRC which is where we teach actual members in our language. I taught two 20 min lessons without notes. Right before we went into the room we prayed and I asked that I would remember the German that I had learned in class, and I really did! On Thursday we taught our investigator about ‘die Erlösungsplan’ (plan of salvation) and I taught for 30 minutes without notes! It was so sweet!! We’re learning a lot more grammar now: dative, accusative, and things like that. It’s crazy cuz if it’s dative and you say, “pray about the Book of Mormon’ and you use the word über, but you use the wrong form of das, die, des, or der in front of “the Book of Mormon” you could accidentally say “pray on top of” instead of “about”. It’s coming along though. On Friday the sisters in my zone asked for a priesthood blessing and that was a really cool experience to be able to bless them. On Sunday we had a ton of meetings but they were all good and I saw Maddie and McKay and some other friends at the temple. It was so great to see them! At the devotional BYU mens chorus performed and they were so sweet!!

Everything here is just so great. The spirit is constantly testifying of truths and and I can feel the Savior’s love so strong. Everyday is a learning experience. I love you all and I pray for you on daily.

Elder Gallacher

Ältester Gallacher

Ältester Gallacher

Ran into Maddie at the temple!

Ran into Maddie at the temple!


Happy Easter to you all.

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