Week 2: Shall I not go on in so great a cause

Ok, so this week was amazing! I’m going to try and write a lot from my journal so you can hear all the good stuff.  On Tuesday we taught our investigator and he wants to get baptized! He’s not a real investigator but it still feels good! As I was leaving he asked why I wore the string-ring around my finger and I tried to say that it’s a reminder of my Grandpa who died, but I’m horrible at German so I accidentally said, “my Grandpa got broken”. He looked at me super weird haha It was pretty funny! Another pair of Elders accidentally taught that Jesus killed for us instead of died for us! German is really hard but it’s coming along. It has been hard because my companion and I have missed class because he is on bedrest, but he’s good now so we’re back!
So Elder Short and I got asked to be temporary zone leaders for a new group of Elders and Sisters. It felt weird because we had to teach them and give them advice but I still have no idea what I’m doing. It’s very humbling being here. Two of my friends from school were in the group so it was really good to see them. One night we were all laughing so hard that Elder Williams started throwing up and dry heaving… it was so funny. I really like my zone. Saturday was General Conference and it was so stinking good. It felt like all the talks were directed straight towards me. I loved Elder Holland’s talk and Elder Andersen’s and President Eyrings… and well who am i kidding i loved them all!
Sunday’s sessions were awesome as well. Elder Uchtdorf’s talk really hit me he talked about being thankful for our burdens and I loved it because the mission is really hard and it’s easy to be discouraged, but when you realize how important and amazing the work is you become grateful. He said people ask for a rainbow before thanking God for rain. I really liked that. I know that if I show thanks for my trials and recognize that they are there to help me I will be blessed. David A Bednar talked about how people think that having no load makes them happy but really when you have a load on your back and you work with a happy heart, Christ will lift you up. He said that having a heavy load gives us spiritual traction. I thought that was a really cool story. One thing that hit me really hard was when President Monson bore his testimony at the end of conference. Ive heard it before but when I heard his words the spirit testified to me that it was true and I had a special witness that he really is a true prophet of God. I was bawling and even as i’m writing this letter i’m crying haha Sunday night vocal point came and performed and it was so awesome! Then we watched the Joseph Smith movie. I’ve always believed in Joseph Smith as a prophet, but that night was the first time that the spirit testified to me personally that he was. It feels so good to know for a surety that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. The movie really shows how hard it was for Joseph Smith but he was always faithful because he knew how great the cause was. At the very end the words “shall we not go on in so great a cause” came on the screen and in my head I changed the “we” to “I” and I felt so comforted in knowing that yes, I am taking up in the great cause and that the Lord is pleased with me and His missionaries. I feel very close to Joseph Smith because I realized that without missionaries, and other great members, all he did and went through would’ve been in vain. I am so happy to be here. I know that what I teach is true and I take comfort in the hardships of my mission because I know the Lord is pleased and He will bless me, my family, and the people I come in contact with. I love this gospel. I know that it is true and I am forever grateful for that knowledge.

I love you all so much and pray for you everyday.

Elder Gallacher

My Zone

My Zone

Just your typical Missionary stance.

Just your typical Missionary stance.

Temple time

Temple time


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